10 Things To Stop Buying To Save Money For Travel

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There’s one thing you have to when you want to travel a lot and that’s committing to saving up your money. We can save up so much more than we think! I know I’m sometimes spending way more money than I want. I listed 10 things to stop buying to save money for travel.

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When we commit to saving, it can be hard to let go of buying this we’re used to buying. Some things can get so normal! I used to spent lots of money on clutter items and it definitely adds up when you count the total at the end of the month. Some months, I even looked at my bank account recalculating all the purchases because I didn’t think it was that much money in total. Am I the only one?!

10 Things to Stop Buying to Save Money for Travel

Before going into this list, I want to give a quick advice in saving money. We all spend our money on different things. I would recommend looking at your finances (critically!) and decide where you can save more money. For example, I can spend lots of money on home décor (oops) and that’s something I can save money on. You might be spending lots of money on something else.

1. Stop partying

Nights out can be extremely expensive. Specifically alcohol! This is definitely something to save money on. For people who frequently go to parties, this can add up to hundreds of euros every month. Even going out less than usual will already save you money. I’ve never been someone who loves going out, but I do know how expensive drinking is.

2. Monthly subscriptions

Surely I’m not the only one who forgets the monthly subscriptions she has. We sign up for a free month trail and forget to unsubscribe after the free trial ends which means: we end up paying the full price for the next months. Definitely look at the monthly subscriptions you don’t really use.

I stopped paying for a few tv show subscriptions and only have Netflix at the moment, same as a subscription where I can download unlimited e-books every month. Simply because I don’t really read that much at the moment.

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3. Eating out

I love eating out but it gets so expensive! It costs dozens of euros to eat out for just one night. We can almost do our weekly groceries for the same amount of money. Definitely try to cook your own meals instead of eating out to save a lot of money.

If you work a lot and don’t always feel like cooking at night, I would suggest cooking bigger portions and leave the leftovers in the freezer. Whenever you have a late night of work, just switch the leftovers from the freezer to the fridge and warm it up at night!

4. Save on small expenses

As I said at the beginning, small purchases add up. In fact, the small purchases usually end up being the biggest expenses during the month. The small home décor accessories I buy can end up costing over a hundred euros. It’s usually the small things that we can save money on.

5. Take away coffee

GUYS. Take away coffee is SO expensive. I used to buy a Starbucks coffee almost every single day when I had a commute to my high school and Starbucks easily costs €5. Let’s say I would buy a €5 coffee every single day during the week, it would end up being €100 every single month! I’d say – switch to a cheaper coffee company or take your own coffee from home!

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6. Groceries

Groceries are no joke. They are so expensive. Especially fruits and vegetables. The best way to save money on groceries is doing weekly groceries instead of daily groceries. Much better because you’re able to use one vegetable for two days instead of using half for just one day and throwing it away. Go to the cheaper grocery stores, because lets be honest: an apple is an apple.

7. Gym memberships

Some gyms are crazy expensive. I’ve read that some people pay hundreds of dollars for a gym membership in a bigger city. I know some places are always expensive and there’s not always a cheaper option, but I would suggest trying to find a cheaper gym or see if you can gym during the inexpensive hours!

If you’re like me, you can cancel your gym membership and work-out at home and go on runs outside. Personally, I much prefer running or biking outside and doing workouts at home. Chloe Ting is my favorite, her programs are free and incredibly effective!

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8. Trend pieces / fast fashion

Every season has its own trends. What’s trendy one season isn’t trendy the next season. I would suggest staying about from trends and hypes and just buy simple and minimalistic clothing to wear all year round. Fast fashion is not my favorite, most items are not the best quality and it’ll most likely only last one season. In general, I’m saying this to myself as well, stop shopping so much. You don’t need 10 different sweaters.

My advice here is to dive into vintage shopping to 1) save money, 2) shop more consciously and 3) vintage clothes are mostly better quality compared to the fast fashion nowadays so you’re wearing the pieces multiple seasons or years! Read my blogpost about 10 proven reasons to start vintage shopping.

9. Skincare products

This is a sensitive topic and I totally understand why. Let me tell you a small secret – my skin breaks out super easily. I have very sensitive skin and I’m allergic to a lot of ingredients which means I need to use expensive skin care and I hate it. I’m mostly using products from Paula’s Choice (not sure if this is Dutch only), Clinique and a serum.

However, I’m not saying you need to switch to other skincare products but maybe slim down your skincare routine. Less serums for example. Just see whatever works for you!

10. Beauty products and services

I used to get a manicure around 1 or 2 a month to get gel nails. Absolutely loved it and I’m such a beauty junkie but it costed me €40 per manicure which sometimes ended up being €80 a month. I stopped doing this and immediately saved a lot of money. I’m all for treating yourself, but I made the decision to do in once in a while and definitely not every month!

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This will all save you so much money. Don’t spend the saved money on something else, but immediately transfer it to your savings account. I have my big savings account divided in small goals so I’m able to separate my money in this savings account. To give you an idea: I have a few saving goals within this savings account, so I’ll transfer X money to my savings goal related to my own home, X money to my savings goal for gifts and X money to my travel savings account.

It’s perfect to save money this way because it’s much more clear what you’re saving up for! All the money I save from the previous tips, will be transferred to my travel savings goal.

What can you save money on?

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  1. These are some great tips! I completely agree with takeout coffee…it is SO expensive! Cutting that and all of the subscriptions that we never use could save a small fortune! I’m totally assessing our finances to find ways to reduce costs and travel more! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love all of these ideas and tips! Once I stopped buying things I didn’t need, I began saving so much money! It’s crazy how not buying a coffee or a few shirts every week saves you so much money!

    1. I love reading experiences like these, definitely motivates me to save more money. Those small expenses are always the most expensive at the end of the month!

  3. Great tips, Melissa! I feel like I’ve been spending lots of money eating out or ordering takeaways (mostly now as there’s a lockdown where I am). I definitely want to save more money for future trips.

  4. Lucky for me I hardly did any of these haha! Aside from the gym membership, I don’t really have that many expenses per month (aside from the usual home expenses). Take away coffee is no joke, it really adds up! $2 a day, 5 days a week for work and that’s $50/month! Insane right? People always wondered how I traveled so often. Wellll when you don’t buy a lot of makeup or new fashion, it’s not that hard to save haha!

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