15 Perfect Gifts For Travel Lovers

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it’s time for something special for your friends who loves travel. I know these past months have been weird, as a travel lover myself, so it’s time to get that wanderlusts spirit back with these perfect gifts for travel lovers! There’s a present for every type of traveller so this is the ultimate gift guide for your friend who loves travel.

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I shared a gift guide with travel essentials earlier this month but this gift guide for Christmas is going to be different! It’s the little things that can make that wanderlust sparkle again. I’m talking travel prints, books and cases. It will bring travel right back into their home, so they will feel the travel spirit even when they are at home.

15 Gift Ideas For Travel Lovers

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Cosmetic case

It is always a pain in the ass to bring your make up and skincare with you. You don’t want it to leak in your suitcase so you’re trying to package them well enough to protect your stuff. Say no more, because this cosmetic case from Beis will save the day. It has multiple areas to organize your make up brushes and skincare. It fits perfectly in your suitcase!

Travel book: The Ultimate Travel List 2

If something will sparkle wanderlust – it’s a book from Lonely Planet. They do travel books SO well! This one ranked the 500 best places on the planet. It has mesmerizing pictures, stories and it absolutely draws you into the book. Let your friend choose his or her next destination with The Ultimate Travel List 2 from Lonely Planet.

Tech organizer

Cables tangle like crazy in your hand luggage or in your suitcase. A tech organizer helps to keep it all nice and organized so you’re not frustratingly untangling your charger when you need it most. This tech organizer from Stackers has a nice design and fits easily in a backpack.

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a black camera bag from douchebags, backpack for camera equipment
inside of the douchebags camera bag, how to store your camera equipment

Camera backpack

As a travel lover myself, I know I take my camera with me everywhere I go. I have multiple lenses to carry around and maybe even a drone in the future. It is key to have a good backpack to carry and protect your camera gear on the go. Douchebags has got this covered with their camera backpack. Go for the bigger backpack or choose the smaller backpack which you can even wear solo or add on top of the bigger backpack.

Desk globe

This is the perfect desk accessory for travel lovers. They can look at it and daydream about their next destination. It looks nice, inspiring and definitely a fun gift to give on Christmas. I love this mini antique globe ‘cause it will fit even on the smallest desks or tables!

A postcard display

I always buy a postcard at every new destination, whether that’s a new country or a new city. It’s collecting memories for me and I always glue them into my photobooks. However, I found something cool! This postcard display will show all their postcards on a unique wall décor item. Perfect for in their home, above their desk or anywhere else they would like it. With one glance, they’ll immediately remember the most amazing trips.

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A water bottle

A good water bottle is key if you travel a lot. It saves a lot of plastic which makes it very planet friendly. Get your travel friend the perfect water bottle on the go. The LARQ Bottle is a water purifying bottle. It is easy to carry around because its lightweight and they even have bottles that will keep your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. It’s the perfect travel companion!

Amazon Kindle

I have said it before and I will say it again: an e-reader is the perfect gift for travel book lovers. Books are SO heavy in our suitcases and it takes up too much space and weight to actually take them with us. An e-reader is the perfect solution. It’s small, lightweight and you can store hundreds if not thousands of books on there. You don’t need a light on the airplane to read, it’s just perfect. The Amazon Kindle is the fave from a lot of travellers and this one has the case included, so your friend is immediately ready to go.

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the sony A6000 cameras, collection of camera, starter camera, compact camera, travel camera

A compact camera

If you want to splurge and give your friend an incredible gift, a good quality camera will be an amazing travel gift. One of the best ways to gather memories is by photographing them. I have the Sony A6000 since a year and a half because it’s pretty inexpensive, a starter camera, changeable lenses, lightweight and small so it fits in my smaller purses as well! The Sony A6000 is the perfect travel camera.

Go Pro

Another must-have when you travel is a Go Pro. I’m currently saving up for one but if you’re gifting this to someone – I know it will be SO appreciated. A Go Pro is perfect for shots on the go, like bike shots and it’s perfect for underwater shots for when you’re snorkelling and/or diving. The Go Pro Hero is currently one of the bests on the market. However, if you’re looking for a more inexpensive one – the AKASO Go Pro is cheaper and has great quality as well!

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perfect travel backpack, fjallräven backpack in the snow, black backpack

A quality backpack

A backpack is a necessity if you travel a lot. It’s saver and it’s better for your spine if you wear a backpack. Rains has simple and good quality backpacks if you’re not into all the colorful backpacks. Another good one on the market are the Fjallräven backpacks which are often used for travelling!

Travel prints

My personal favorite – the travel prints. This one is so fitting for someone who wants to bring travel into their home. Choose the perfect destination like Australia or Italy! It creates a very cool atmosphere and it’s wall decoration made for the travel lover. I know a few content creators who sell their travel prints. My favorites are Haysla & Kyle and Charlies Wanderings! Etsy has a few creators with amazing travel prints as well.

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the perfect travel scratch off world map, preset for travel lovers, gifts, neutral map

Scratch off world map

Travellers love ticking off those countries and making memories. A scratch off world map is the perfect gift for a travel lover! It motivates to travel more, it’s cool to see where you’ve been and the result is so much fun. There are tons of options like this neutral scratch off map.

Travel mug

What’s more perfect than drinking your coffee or tea from a travel mug? This Asobu stainless steel mug is a good one to use at home but it’s suitable to take on adventures as well! We love a good item to use at home and during our travels. This mug is a good option for people who like to take their coffee and tea to go as well!

Travel calendar 2021

I LOVE travel calendars. This vintage travel calendar shows a different destination each month in a very unique and vintage way. It is not your typical travel calendar which is why it looks so unique. This calendar on Etsy has different landscapes and if you look closely, you can see the destinations in them like Canada! Another travel calendar from Etsy about Italy if you’re looking for a destination specific calendar!

These 15 gifts for travel lovers will spark their wanderlust and brighten the holiday even more. There’s a type of gift for every traveller and even if they’re not travelling soon, these gifts will make them really happy. It’s the perfect gift guide!

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gift guide for travelers, gift ideas for travel lovers, christmas gift guide

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