The 10 Unique Stocking Stuffer Gifts For Frequent Travellers

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Christmas is around the corner and stocking stuffers are one of the most fun things to unpack! Are you looking for tiny gift ideas for stocking stuffers? This blogpost gives you 10 unique stocking stuffer gifts for frequent travellers. From fun gifts, to practical gifts to essentials!

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We actually don’t use stocking stuffers in the Netherlands as much as they use them in the USA or other countries! I know some people use stocking stuffers to decorate their home but not many buy tiny gifts to put into them. It’s such a cute idea though, so I’d love to start doing this with friends and family in the future.

The 10 Unique Stocking Stuffer Gifts For Frequent Travellers

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A subscription on a travel magazine

A travel magazine is a great way to get more travel inspiration and travel ideas. A frequent travellers has visited multiple places already and travel magazines always highlight the hidden gems and special destinations to visit next! A few ideas for travel magazines are: Columbus Travel if you live in the Netherlands, Lonely Planet and National Geographic Travellers are great options.

stainless steel travel mug, and so the adventure awaits mug

Stainless steel mug

I know travellers who take their own mug when they travel. Especially adventurer and outdoors travel fanatics love to take it when they’re camping or trekking around! This stainless steel mug won’t break when they travel and is the perfect companion for the coffee and tea lover. It has different type of texts and prints on it, I think “And so the adventure awaits” print is my favorite!

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Craft cocktail kit

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? This cocktail kit has the items and ingredients to create two gin & tonic cocktails. You only have to add your favorite gin to it. It’s even TSA compliant which means you can even take it on flights with you and make your cocktail on the plane. I mean, I’m sure that’s going to increase the comfort of your flight!

air humidifier, clean air when travel, travel humidifier

Personal mini humidifier

This humidifier transforms into a small water bottle on the go and unfolds as your new best friend when you travel: a mini humidifier. It runs on batteries or through an USB port. The Fancii humidifier cleans the air in hotel rooms, tents or even on flights to make you feel less dehydrated, sleep better and breathe better.

mini set of scrabble, travel scrabble, board games on the go

Mini travel Scrabble

I think Scrabble is one, if not, the most popular board game. Who hasn’t played it before? I’m honestly not the best at it but I do find it a fun game to play. There’s a mini sized Scrabble  that’s foldable and perfect to take on the plane, train or in the car. It zips up so you won’t lose any of the letters. The most fun on the go bord game to gift a frequent traveller. No more boring flights!

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sleeping mask, comfortable sleeping mask for travelling

A sleeping mask

There’s one important travel essential for frequent travellers and that’s a comfortable and good working sleeping mask. It’s always bright on a plane, in a car or in a train because of the lights. A sleeping mask is nice to wear while travelling but definitely nice to wear on the destination when the light shines through the curtains. The Earth Therapeutic sleeping mask is extra soft and blocks the light to improve your nap or night sleep.

a travel charger with 3 usb outlets, gift idea, holiday gift guide

Travel charger

Every traveller has had the issue of not having enough space to charge your electronics. Some hotel rooms only have two outlets and that’s not enough to charge a phone, laptop, e-reader or whatever! A travel charger with multiple outlets is a life saver. This Belkin 3-outlet charger is perfect to gift someone. It may seem silly, but I promise you they’re going to thank you when they go back to travelling!

tiny board game to gift to a frequent travellers, travel board game, game on the road

Tiny board games

I mentioned the tiny Scrabble game, but there are more travel sized board games to gift a frequent travellers. If you’re not sure what game to gift someone, this SmartGames IQ Fit is perfect. It’s suitable from the age 7 – adults because the 120 little games all have different levels of difficulty. This makes it a great game for the entire family.

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urbanista bluetooth earphones, earphones for travelling, gift guide for christmas, travel gift guide, rosegold earphones

Urbanista Bluetooth earphones

A headphone or earphones are a key essential for frequent travellers. They want to block out the noise and listen to their music or podcast quietly. I’m a fan of the Urbanista Bluetooth earphones! I have the Paris edition and love them. If you’re looking for a noise cancelling headphone for your friend or family member – I highly suggest the Sony noise cancelling headphone. Those are my go-to headphones and I don’t hear a thing if I wear them and have music on.

Foreo LUNA Go

Skincare is important to take seriously when you travel. Your skin goes through a lot. It dehydrates and your skin attracts a lot of dirt on the way to your destination but definitely at the destination as well. Especially if you’re outside and exploring the city. The Foreo Luna Go is the portable version of the very popular Foreo Luna. This one is the on the go product for your skincare.

The frequent travellers will absolutely love these unique gift ideas for the stocking stuffers. I hope this blogpost gave you lots of inspiration and made your Christmas holiday shopping a lot easier this year!

Which tiny gift on this list is your favorite? Which one would you love to receive this Christmas? Tell me in the comments!

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